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A subreddit for everything about the Google chromecast

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r/Chromecast »
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A subreddit for everything about the Google chromecast
r/ChromecastGames »
366 subscribers
r/Android »
1923863 subscribers
Android news, reviews, tips, and discussions about rooting, tutorials, and apps. Generic discussion about phones/tablets is allowed, but technical-support and carrier-related issues should be asked in their respective subreddits!
r/PleX »
126801 subscribers
For questions and comments about the Plex Media Server. The Plex Media Server is smart software that makes playing Movies, TV Shows and other media on your computer simple.
r/googlehome »
124896 subscribers
A User community for Google Home, Google Nest (rebranded) and related products using the Google Assistant. Share information, tips, bugs, new features, requests, etc.
r/cordcutters »
298219 subscribers
Are you tired of paying too much for cable television? Join us and become a cordcutter today. We offer advice on live streaming and on demand services, antennas, and OTA DVRs. Get help with your Smart TV, Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, and Android TV. Discuss Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon. Learn a...
r/PopCornTime »
28635 subscribers
Subreddit for the most popular Torrent streaming program Popcorn Time
r/google »
755091 subscribers
For news and announcements from and about Google
r/androidapps »
183844 subscribers
A subreddit dedicated to Android apps.
r/technology »
8272340 subscribers
Subreddit dedicated to the news and discussions about the creation and use of technology and its surrounding issues.
r/hardwareswap »
166498 subscribers
Do you want to trade in your old video card for a new hard drive? Welcome to r/Hardwareswap, a community and marketplace for buying, selling, and trading all sorts of PC Hardware.
r/AndroidTV »
49954 subscribers
Discussion of https://www.android.com/tv/ devices.
r/jailbreak »
455198 subscribers
iOS jailbreaking: tweaks, news, and more for jailbroken iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches. Installed anything great recently? Got an idea for a tweak? Wrote a cool tutorial? Curious about how something works? Let us know!
r/AndroidQuestions »
60742 subscribers
The place to get help for any problems you have related to your Android device and the Android ecosystem.
r/BudgetAudiophile »
65906 subscribers
This subreddit is for the budget minded audiophile that wants to grow out of boomboxes, bluetooth speakers and PC branded audio solutions. We focus on education, discussion, and sharing of entry and mid level separate & multi component audio systems. The only bad audio system, is the one you ...
r/Twitch »
581992 subscribers
/r/Twitch is an unofficial place for discussions surrounding the streaming website Twitch.tv. If you want to provide feedback, ask a question or show some quality content, this is the place for you!
r/Stadia »
37363 subscribers
Subscribe for official updates from Stadia employees, and join in on the conversation with your fellow community members.
r/TerrariumTV »
30908 subscribers
Terrarium TV & alternative streaming apps. Terrarium TV is no longer supported by the developer but clones of and alternatives to the app are still being updated.
r/gadgets »
16004334 subscribers
From Vintage gadgetry to the latest and greatest, /r/Gadgets is all about discussing, reviewing, and enjoying gadgets.
r/chromeos »
84715 subscribers
Discussions related to Chromebooks and everything else Chrome OS.
r/OculusQuest »
44525 subscribers
A place to discuss the Oculus Quest
r/Roku »
43888 subscribers
r/audiophile »
602442 subscribers
r/audiophile is a forum for discussion of the pursuit of quality audio reproduction of all forms, budgets, and sizes. Our primary goal is insightful discussion of equipment, sources, music, and audio concepts.
r/hometheater »
94849 subscribers
Your one stop for all things Home Theater (except soundbars). Buying Advice, Tech Support, etc for Televisions, Home Theater, Speakers, Projectors, Audio/Video Receivers, etc.
r/androidcirclejerk »
22823 subscribers
Thou shall not blaspheme against Duarte, the material spirit.
r/Hulu »
41554 subscribers
r/Hulu is the un-official subreddit of Hulu, Hulu with No Ads, and Hulu with Live TV. Hulu, which launched in 2008 is a leading premium streaming service that offers instant access to live and on demand channels, original series and films, and a premium library of TV and movies to more than 20 mill...
r/spotify »
152852 subscribers
This subreddit is mainly for sharing Spotify playlists. Have questions? Check out our wiki first.
r/netflix »
415129 subscribers
Netflix discussion, and all things Netflix related! (Mods are not Netflix employees, but employees occasionally post here).
r/raspberry_pi »
1563599 subscribers
A subreddit for discussing the Raspberry Pi ARM computer and all things related to it.
r/tasker »
52756 subscribers
r/youtubetv »
27005 subscribers
Discussion of YouTube's television service
r/chrome »
60082 subscribers
r/xboxone »
1634813 subscribers
Everything and anything related to the Xbox One. News, reviews, previews, rumors, screenshots, videos and more!
r/roosterteeth »
239844 subscribers
A subreddit for content regarding Rooster Teeth Productions, including Red vs. Blue, Achievement Hunter, RWBY, Rooster Teeth Podcast, etc.
r/Vue »
15078 subscribers
The rules of TV have changed.™ PlayStation™Vue is a no-contract, over the top streaming TV provider targeted toward cord cutters looking for a cable television alternative. The PlayStation™Vue app is available on multiple devices and platforms. PlayStation™Vue offers cloud DVR, video on dem...
r/SquaredCircle »
440475 subscribers
r/canadacordcutters »
13945 subscribers
This subreddit is for the discussion and education of the legal, reasonably priced options to traditional cable alternatives available to Canadians. The mods will remove offensive posts, spam, and posts encouraging fraud, but anything else it is your job as a community participant to report any...
r/slingtv »
11807 subscribers
For the discussion of the SlingTV service, a way of watching live TV for $20 a month.
r/GearVR »
28721 subscribers
Subreddit for Samsungs Gear VR
r/homeautomation »
432864 subscribers
A subreddit focused on automating your home, housework or household activity. Sensors, switches, cameras, locks, etc. Any automation questions/discussions are welcome!
r/windowsphone »
50479 subscribers
This little reddit hub is dedicated to Windows phone stuff + everything else related to it.
r/apple »
1184664 subscribers
An unofficial community to discuss Apple devices and software, including news, rumors, opinions and analysis pertaining to the company located at One Apple Park Way.
r/xbmc »
16586 subscribers
**XBMC** is an award-winning *free and open source* cross-platform software media player and entertainment hub for HTPCs. It uses a 10-foot user interface and is designed to be a media player for the living-room, using a remote control as the primary input device. XBMC can be used to play almost...
r/GooglePixel »
198814 subscribers
The (un)official home of #teampixel and the #madebygoogle lineup on Reddit. Get support, learn new information, and hang out in the subreddit dedicated to Pixel, Nest, Chromecast, the Assistant, and a few more things from Google.
r/homeassistant »
47828 subscribers
Home Assistant is open source home automation that puts local control and privacy first. Powered by a worldwide community of tinkerers and DIY enthusiasts. Perfect to run on a Raspberry Pi or a local server. Available for free at home-assistant.io
r/firstworldproblems »
248679 subscribers
First World Problems. If it's a problem you can only have if you have money we'll feel bad for you. Then we'll feel guilty for having enough money to have the same problem.
r/iphone »
1962166 subscribers
Reddit’s corner for iPhone lovers (or those who just mildly enjoy it...)
r/linux »
443068 subscribers
All things Linux and GNU/Linux -- this is neither a community exclusively about the kernel Linux, nor is exclusively about the GNU operating system.
r/htpc »
39366 subscribers
Home Theater PC - Drive your TV and Media experience with a Media PC
r/sonos »
30500 subscribers
A place for all [Sonos](http://www.sonos.com/) users to hang out and discuss hardware, software, installation, ideas and troubleshooting
r/kodi »
78244 subscribers
Kodi is an open source cross-platform software media player and entertainment hub for HTPCs.
r/amazonecho »
92743 subscribers
/r/AmazonEcho is a community centered around the Amazon Echo, or as we like to call her - Alexa. Alexa is designed around your voice. She's always on—just ask for information, music, news, weather, and more. She's also an expertly-tuned speaker that can fill any room with immersive sound.
r/appletv »
65672 subscribers
A community for discussion about Apple TV news, apps and tech support.
r/DailyTechNewsShow »
9573 subscribers
Home of the Daily Tech News Show
r/ShieldAndroidTV »
26659 subscribers
A subreddit about the NVIDIA Shield Android TV - a home console and video streamer running [Android TV](http://www.android.com/tv/).
r/australia »
375488 subscribers
A dusty corner on the internet where you can chew the fat about Australia and Australians.
r/AndroidGaming »
175770 subscribers
This subreddit is dedicated to everything related to gaming on Android.
r/Videostream »
1732 subscribers
Subreddit for the Videostream team to make announcements and a place for you to ask us questions, discuss ideas, etc!
r/Addons4Kodi »
93900 subscribers
This sub is for discussion and links pertaining to unofficial addons for Kodi Media Center and is not endorsed by Team Kodi/XBMC nor their foundation. Discussion of core Kodi functionality or addons from the Official Kodi Repository should go in /r/Kodi
r/HomeNetworking »
90266 subscribers
HomeNetworking is a place where anyone can ask for help with their home or small office network. No question is too small, but please be sure to read the rules and [posting guidelines](https://www.reddit.com/r/HomeNetworking/comments/3hvyg0/rhomenetworking_posting_guidelines_and_helpful/) before a...
r/TechNewsToday »
96156 subscribers
Community submission and voting area for the Tech News Today Audience.
r/LinuxActionShow »
12624 subscribers
Linux Action Show is the world's largest and longest running Linux-based podcast. Jupiter Broadcasting is the home of many fantastic online shows. Like Linux Action Show, Coder Radio, Linux Unplugged, TechSNAP, Unfilter, SciByte, FauxShow & more!
r/Nexus7 »
16652 subscribers
For fans of the Asus Nexus 7 (Original and 2013 edition) and a source for the latest related news
r/fireTV »
24343 subscribers
This is a subreddit dedicated to the discussion of FireTV products from Amazon.
r/crappyoffbrands »
684940 subscribers
This subreddit is a forum in which users can submit pictures or videos of examples of crappy or just plain funny off-brand versions of various products. These examples can be both from present day as well as from the past. We also encourage submission of examples on film and TV where a name-brand pr...
r/jellyfin »
6403 subscribers
Jellyfin: the Free Software Media Browser
r/india »
264043 subscribers
The Official Subreddit for India
r/techsupport »
678367 subscribers
Stumped on a Tech problem? Ask the tech support reddit, and try to help others with their problems as well. Be sure to check out the live chat, too! https://techsupport.dev0.sh
r/pihole »
65916 subscribers
"Pi-hole® is an advertising-aware DNS server that prevents ads from being downloaded." Please read the rules before posting, thanks!
r/funny »
27110807 subscribers
Welcome to r/Funny: reddit's largest humour depository
r/youtube »
358054 subscribers
This subreddit is for meta-discussion about YouTube as a platform, including its features, bugs, and business decisions. For Google related topics, please consider /r/google. Please read the rules before posting! This subreddit is not officially run by YouTube; there are some YouTube/Google employ...
r/firefox »
90993 subscribers
The latest news and developments on Firefox and Mozilla, a global non-profit that strives to promote openness, innovation and opportunity on the web.
r/criterion »
51858 subscribers
r/Crunchyroll »
20963 subscribers
Crunchyroll is an American website and international online community focused on video streaming East Asian media including anime, manga, drama, and more. Founded in June 2006 by a group of UC Berkeley graduates, Crunchyroll's distribution channel and partnership program delivers content to over fiv...
r/mildlyinteresting »
16688693 subscribers
Aww, cripes. I didn't know I'd have to write a description. How many words is that so far, like a hundred? Soooo, yeah. Mildly interesting stuff. Stuff that interests you. Mildly. It's in the name, ffs.
r/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon »
106882 subscribers
Community, friends, gifting and fun! Random Acts with an Amazon Wishlist. Gift, get gifted, be merry, and have fun.
r/NHLStreams »
262503 subscribers
Watch your favorite NHL games online with community provided streams.
r/nexusplayer »
2443 subscribers
r/DirecTVNow »
12300 subscribers
This is a subreddit for everything related to DirecTV Now, the new AT&T streaming service set to release before the end of the year. As more information is released, it will be posted and we welcome discussion. Discussion for other cord cutting services is also welcome.
r/giantbomb »
27452 subscribers
A website about a website about videogames
r/iOSBeta »
76705 subscribers
Reddit's home for iOS betas.
r/oneplus »
151512 subscribers
The place for discussing OnePlus and their products. /r/OnePlus is a fan subreddit and is not affiliated with OnePlus.
r/googleplaydeals »
101045 subscribers
The best deals on the Google Play store!
r/ireland »
239145 subscribers
r/sweden »
266901 subscribers
Hej and wälkommen to Sweddit! The hub for Swedes on reddit and our community here! Visiting redditors from elsewhere are also welcome! This subreddit is moderated after the reddiquette and these community guidelines https://www.reddit.com/r/sweden/wiki/community_guidelines
r/amazonprime »
25478 subscribers
All about the Amazon Prime Service
r/MotoX »
10624 subscribers
A subreddit for the Motorola Moto X.
r/Nexus6P »
26181 subscribers
A subreddit for the latest news and discussions regarding the Huawei Nexus 6P!
r/deals »
132144 subscribers
A place to post & share consumer deals. Found a deal on the internet that seems out of this world or spectacular? This is the place to post it! Share Deals with the community of reddit! r/deals - Making your wallet happy since 2009.
r/BigBrother »
109475 subscribers
Reddit's source for discussion of your favorite houseguests
r/linuxquestions »
111619 subscribers
r/MLS »
122351 subscribers
This is the subreddit for any and all levels of soccer in the United States & Canada, with an emphasis on Major League Soccer.
r/IPTV »
49999 subscribers
Internet Protocol television (IPTV) is a system through which television services are delivered using the Internet protocol suite over a packet-switched network such as a LAN or the Internet, instead of being delivered through traditional terrestrial, satellite signal, and cable television formats.
r/AskTechnology »
16356 subscribers
r/makemychoice »
29408 subscribers
Are you indecisive? We know. Here you can let other redditors make the hard... or very easy choices for you.
r/softwaregore »
795863 subscribers
poke fun at nasty software
r/NetflixViaVPN »
40569 subscribers
Access Everything On Netflix Via VPN!
r/pics »
23155111 subscribers
A place for pictures and photographs.
r/motogp »
73610 subscribers
Everything and anything from MotoGP, for MotoGP fans including Moto2, Moto3 & MotoE.


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