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Reddit's #1 source for EDH and Commander content.

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r/EDH »
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Reddit's #1 source for EDH and Commander content.
r/mtgaltered »
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r/magicthecirclejerking »
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A place to make fun of posts in /r/MagicTCG or the Magic community at (arbitrarily) large.
r/PauperEDH »
1700 subscribers
Pauper Commander (PDH) is a fun, inexpensive sub-format of Commander! You can use any uncommon creature as your commander at the helm of a deck of 99 commons.
r/CompetitiveEDH »
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This is a subreddit dedicated to playing the Commander or EDH format of Magic: The Gathering at the highest level of competitive play.
r/magicTCG »
364909 subscribers
A diverse community of players devoted to Magic: the Gathering, a trading card game(tcg) produced by Wizards of the Coast and originally designed by Richard Garfield, PHD. Join us discussing news, tournaments, gameplay, deckbuilding, strategy, lore, fan art, cosplay, and more. "Magic isn't re...
r/Pauper »
34011 subscribers
Welcome to r/Pauper, a place to discuss MTG's Commons-Only format
r/Magicdeckbuilding »
47038 subscribers
A subreddit created for the discussion of Magic the Gathering decks, ideas, card combos, and strategies.
r/mtgfinance »
54983 subscribers
Speculat(e/ing) 1. form a theory or conjecture about a subject without firm evidence. 2. invest in stocks, property, or other ventures in the hope of gain but with the risk of loss. This is Reddit's hub for discussing speculating(2) and not for discussing speculating(1) about Magic: the Gathering...
r/custommagic »
24402 subscribers
Cards for Redditors, by Redditors
r/foilmtg »
1543 subscribers
Show off your foiled out Magic:The Gathering decks here!
r/BadMtgCombos »
10573 subscribers
Posts should be card combos from Magic the Gathering that are extremely difficult to pull off, easily disrupted, ineffective, and possibly detrimental to one's own survival. Win more combos, Lose more combos, and do nothing combos are more than welcome.
r/BudgetBrews »
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Commander can be expensive, and many other "budget decks" can be $300+. The goal of this sub is to make more EDH decks available for those who want to brew or build on a budget. Commander decks here will be cheap, and many will use cards that you'd never see in a more expensive EDH list.
r/budgetdecks »
9806 subscribers
Magic: The Gathering does not have to be expensive. Budget Decks is a subreddit designed to discuss playing Magic: The Gathering in any format or play style on a budget. Discussions include budget decks of various price ranges and formats, competitive to casual or various cost cutting topics and ch...
r/CasualMTG »
9216 subscribers
This is a subreddit designed for Magic: The Gathering players who do not necessarily want to, or are not able to play competitively, and wish to discuss playing MTG for the sake of simple fun. Feel free to talk about your bizarre homebrew decks, ridiculous combos, or just general Magic related discu...
r/LabManiacs »
3256 subscribers
Discussions regarding the Laboratory Maniacs Youtube channel, competitive and casual EDH format of Magic: the Gathering, and the PlayEDH Discord server.
r/freemagic »
6576 subscribers
This is a wide open and unmoderated subreddit to talk about Magic: The Gathering.
r/MTGO »
12453 subscribers
Discuss anything related to Magic: The Gathering Online here!
r/oathbreaker_MtG »
8384 subscribers
The Reddit community for the Oathbreaker: a Magic The Gathering format where a planeswalker and their "signature spell" rests at the head of a 60 card singleton deck. Here we discuss the format, share decklists and theorycraft the possibilities the format brings to Magic.
r/Cockatrice »
4700 subscribers
Looking to play Magic: the Gathering, but there's no one at your local shop? On a budget that can't support MTGO right now? Want to see how your new deck will perform **right now?** Come check out Cockatrice! This open source project allows for you to play Magic: The Gathering with a wide array of...
r/mtgcube »
13127 subscribers
A place to discuss the Magic: The Gathering format we know and love called Cube.
r/MTGmemes »
3406 subscribers
For all those meme thoughts about magic that you could never post.
r/MTGGiftExchange »
570 subscribers
Got a question about an exchange? Want to show off what you've gotten? Post here! Happy gifting!
r/GoblinsMTG »
2423 subscribers
A subreddit for the discussion of all things Goblins in all formats for Magic the Gathering. Whether you're playing Goblin Matron into Goblin Ringleader, slinging Goblin Grenades, or organizing a letter writing campaign to wizards to let them know that we need more goblins in the Magic stories, th...
r/bootlegmtg »
8864 subscribers
A place for discussion of a very popular collectible card game without the permission or approval of Wizards of the Coast or Hasbro. Alternatives for online play, High-quality proxies, Non-sanctioned competition, and more.
r/strandedplaneswalkers »
1738 subscribers
Stuck in an airport? Far from home and bored? Find some folks to play some cards with! A subreddit for stranded aficionados of Magic: The Gathering.
r/MagicArena »
154736 subscribers
The subreddit for anything concerning the new Magic Arena series!
r/XMage »
3512 subscribers
A community focused on XMage and the community that keeps it thriving
r/ElvesMTG »
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r/mtgbrawl »
3848 subscribers
A forum for discussion regarding the new commander variant format.
r/MagicCardPulls »
3607 subscribers
r/FishMTG »
4162 subscribers
A subreddit dedicated to the best deck in Magic, or at least the Fishiest.
r/ModernMagic »
72431 subscribers
A subreddit dedicated to the discussion of the Magic: The Gathering's Modern format!
r/PAX »
14985 subscribers
r/yugioh »
142421 subscribers
The subreddit for players of the Yu-Gi-Oh! card game, video games, or fans of the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime series or manga. Discuss tactics, episodes, decks, or whatever you'd like.
r/mtgvorthos »
6181 subscribers
Do you find yourself alone in a sea of Spikes and others who don't understand your passion? For any fans of story and theme or to outrage over the lack thereof, look no further!
r/shittyjudgequestions »
2487 subscribers
Where flavour trumps rules.
r/Sacramento »
35209 subscribers
A forum about Sacramento, for Sacramento.
r/asmr »
197013 subscribers
Welcome to /r/ASMR! This subreddit was created to share videos that elicit this sensation (either intentionally or unintentionally), as well as discuss and try to understand this fascinating physical reaction.
r/mtgtrades »
1498 subscribers
Buy, sell and trade all things Magic.
r/EliteDangerous »
179872 subscribers
The official unofficial subreddit for Elite Dangerous, we even have devs lurking the sub! Elite Dangerous is a space simulator game by Frontier Developments based in the year 3305. You control your own spaceship in which you can participate in exploring a 1:1 scale Milky Way, trade between star sy...
r/mtgGore »
4892 subscribers
This subreddit is for awful, abusive, depressing, and otherwise disquieting things that've happened to cards. Feel free to post ugly alters, botched bend tests, environmental damage, and any other sort of abuse you can think of! While we don't advocate for the destruction of cards, you are welcome ...
r/tabletopsimulator »
19886 subscribers
Tabletop Simulator is the only simulator where you can let your aggression out by flipping the table! There are no rules to follow: just you, a physics sandbox, and your friends. Make your own games and play how YOU want! Unlimited gaming possibilities!
r/PucaTrade »
2587 subscribers
[PucaTrade](https://pucatrade.com) is a community of Magic: The Gathering traders from around the world.
r/oldschoolmtg »
1981 subscribers
This subreddit is dedicated to celebrating and re-living the early days of the Magic: the Gathering trading card game. We discuss and promote community-supported Old School Magic formats throughout the world: primarily variants of "93/94 Magic," but welcoming other Old School formats as well.
r/cardsphere »
1302 subscribers
Cardsphere is the leading platform for trading Magic: the Gathering cards online. www.cardsphere.com
r/mpcproxies »
1474 subscribers
A subreddit for the sole purpose of discussions, walkthroughs, and sharing of media for making high-quality, kitchen table usable proxies that can be printed via makeplayingcards.com
r/FlickerMTG »
312 subscribers
Dedicated to the flickering/blinking archetype in Magic the Gathering, which is usually based on taking advantage of abilities that trigger upon a creature entering or leaving the battlefield. All color combinations are welcome.
r/twincitiessocial »
13175 subscribers
Meetups in the Minnesota cities of Minneapolis, St. Paul, and surrounding metro area.
r/TheLastAirbender »
422767 subscribers
This is the subreddit for fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Legend of Korra, the comics, the upcoming Netflix live action ATLA series, and all other Avatar content. There is no movie.
r/gaymers »
147249 subscribers
r/mylittlemagic »
169 subscribers
r/DenverGamers »
2964 subscribers
This subbreddit is for gamers who live in or near the Denver area. All type of gaming is welcome, pen & paper, video games, and well...I guess even LARPers are okay!
r/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon »
107771 subscribers
Community, friends, gifting and fun! Random Acts with an Amazon Wishlist. Gift, get gifted, be merry, and have fun.
r/PlayMagic »
1073 subscribers
This subreddit is to find people to practice and play Magic: The Gathering with. It can be played via Skype, Google Hangouts, or any other webcam chat service. Just ask for a game, which format, and share credentials over pm.
r/TinyLeaders »
2273 subscribers
Tiny Leaders is a format created for those who enjoy a challenge when deckbuilding. Decks are constructed from 49 cards in your 1 commander's colours- the challenge is: everything must be converted mana cost 3 or less!
r/Super_Budget_MTG »
1004 subscribers
A place for the cheapest decks in Magic, and discussion of the best value cards.
r/FoWtcg »
5994 subscribers
Everything about the Force of Will trading card game
r/BoardGameExchange »
7921 subscribers
Welcome to the r/BoardGameExchange market, the #1 trading community for tabletop games on Reddit. Trade, sell, and barter for games.
r/magicduels »
5223 subscribers
A place for anything concerning the Magic Duels series. Since this is more of a casual Magic experience I felt it deserves it's own more casual focused subreddit. If you wish to find some fellow redditors to duel with on your favorite platform or wish to discuss deck builds this is the place to do...
r/LavaSpike »
4077 subscribers
A subreddit dedicated to the best deck in Magic, or at least the fastest.
r/PennyDreadfulMTG »
2482 subscribers
Penny Dreadful is an ultra-budget, 10,000-card Magic Online brewer's paradise with powerful cards, six free weekly tournaments, free 24/7 league, prizes, quarterly rotations, and a super friendly community.
r/EDHowToHelp »
84 subscribers
This sub is for people who support their loved ones in recovery from eating disorders. Learn how to be of the best help from articles online, others who help their loved ones, and people who suffer from eating disorders themselves.
r/edhcirclejerk »
43 subscribers
This forum is to discuss the greatest thing to happen to Magic: the Gathering since Richard Garfield sprung forth from the loins of the gods
r/edhrec »
1253 subscribers
Email us at [email protected] if you need something
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This is a subreddit created for the discussion of the Magic: the Gathering format, Brawl.


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