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Discussion and links of interest to childfree individuals. "Childfree" refers to those who do not have and do not ever want children (whether biological, adopted, or otherwise).

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r/ChildfreeFriendships »
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This subreddit is for those who are looking to make some new childfree friends on Reddit.
r/wowthissubexists »
237215 subscribers
Subreddits you didn't think existed, but they do. Go ahead and tell us about it.
133082 subscribers
This subreddit is for men going their own way, forging their own identities and paths to self-defined success.
r/cf4cf »
5565 subscribers
You don't want kids, I don't want kids, lets see what else we have in common...
r/birthcontrol »
42181 subscribers
A place to discuss birth control methods.
r/IFchildfree »
1998 subscribers
A community to celebrate the freedoms and share the struggles of living childfree after infertility.
r/TryingForABaby »
38992 subscribers
This group is for anyone trying for a baby! Come discuss fertility, sex, conception, and learn all about how your body works!
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A place to get support and advice dealing with mean, nasty, toxic, and/or abusive MILs and moms.
r/thatHappened »
1076115 subscribers
thatHappened? Really? She walked off the bus and they all clapped? Sure. This subreddit is for true stories that absolutely happened. No diggity. Like that one time...
r/raisedbynarcissists »
478254 subscribers
This is a support group for people raised by (or being raised by) a narcissistic parent. Please share your stories, your questions, your histories, your fears and your triumphs. Significant others and friends are all welcome.
r/AskReddit »
24882869 subscribers
r/AskReddit is the place to ask and answer thought-provoking questions.
r/antinatalism »
41468 subscribers
A community for antinatalism, the philosophical position that assigns a negative value to birth.
r/relationships »
2666808 subscribers
/r/Relationships is a community built around helping people and the goal of providing a platform for interpersonal relationship advice between redditors. We seek posts from users who have specific and personal relationship quandaries that other redditors can help them try to solve.
r/quityourbullshit »
1271742 subscribers
A subreddit for screenshots and images of people calling out bullshit. Possibly with proof.
r/circlebroke2 »
22855 subscribers
Complain about reddit
r/SubredditDrama »
547718 subscribers
The place where people can come and talk about reddit fights and other dramatic happenings from other subreddits.
r/TalesFromRetail »
565623 subscribers
A place to exchange stories about your bosses, employees, or those interesting customers you see daily. * Remember that customer who yelled at you over coupons? * Do I really have to wear this ridiculous polo shirt? * The things you do after customers leave Come, put your name tag on, and let's ...
r/gatekeeping »
683934 subscribers
Gatekeeping is when someone takes it upon themselves to decide who does or does not have access or rights to a community or identity. /r/gatekeeping is a subreddit for screenshots and stories of gatekeepers in the wild.
r/Dogfree »
17892 subscribers
Not everyone loves dogs
r/circlebroke »
37343 subscribers
Doot doot.
r/breakingmom »
49313 subscribers
Moms only. Just say what's going on. No judgments, no nastiness.
r/petfree »
2871 subscribers
For all your frustrations toward people annoying others with their precious pets. It's also a good place to hate on pet-animals themselves. Join us and be pet free!
r/atheism »
2488809 subscribers
Welcome to r/atheism, the web's largest atheist forum. All topics related to atheism, agnosticism and secular living are welcome here.
r/ShitAmericansSay »
188132 subscribers
Shit Americans Say: we can't make it up.
r/facepalm »
2988931 subscribers
A subreddit for you to share the stupidity of people online and IRL. Post screenshots from forums, social media sites, or just real life. ***PLEASE*** read all of the sidebar before posting, thanks!
r/AntiChildFree »
332 subscribers
r/Fencesitter »
11348 subscribers
A safe place for those who aren't sure whether they want to have kids, or not. Post and share stories for both sides, questions you may have, and anything else you can think of (applicable to the subject at hand).
r/TrollXChromosomes »
767229 subscribers
### A subreddit for rage comics and other memes with a girly slant.
r/TwoXChromosomes »
12504828 subscribers
Welcome to TwoXChromosomes, a subreddit for both serious and silly content, and intended for women's perspectives. We are a welcoming subreddit and support the rights of all genders. Posts are moderated for respect, equanimity, grace, and relevance.
r/truechildfree »
34325 subscribers
Help us keep this a positive and encouraging community.
r/JustUnsubbed »
64002 subscribers
This sub is for sharing which post made you unsubscribe from a subreddit.
r/Parenting »
1447198 subscribers
/r/Parenting is the place to discuss the ins and out as well as ups and downs of child-rearing. From the early stages of pregnancy to when your teenagers are finally ready to leave the nest (even if they don't want to) we're here to help you through this crazy thing called parenting. You can get adv...
r/sterilization »
2357 subscribers
Created to focus discussion about permanent birth control.
r/overpopulation »
15759 subscribers
We are legions, growing relentlessly, carrying out deforestation and eradication of other species, exhausting fish stocks, using up our resources to the limit and competing over what remains. Instead of converting a diversified biomass into more and more humans who will intensify the process, let's ...
r/MensRights »
239438 subscribers
At the most basic level, men's rights are the legal rights that are granted to men. However, any issue that pertains to men's relationship to society is also a topic suitable for this subreddit. Men's rights are influenced by the way men are perceived by others.
r/AskWomen »
1107474 subscribers
AskWomen: A subreddit dedicated to asking women questions about their thoughts, lives, and experiences; providing a place where all women can comfortably and candidly share their responses in a non-judgmental space. As part of our commitment to that mission, the AskWomen subreddit is curated to prom...
r/TrueOffMyChest »
396585 subscribers
r/kidfree »
1932 subscribers
A place for people who have never had and do not ever want children of their own; biological or adopted.
r/offmychest »
1693998 subscribers
A mutually supportive community where deeply emotional things you can't tell people you know can be told. Whether it's long-standing baggage, happy thoughts, or recent trauma, posting it here may provide some relief. We'll listen, and if you want, we'll talk. We aim to keep this a safe space.
r/unpopularopinion »
798894 subscribers
Got a burning unpopular opinion you want to share? Spark some discussions!
r/actuallychildfree »
3867 subscribers
We are childfree. We don't have kids, we don't want kids, and it's not up for discussion. Parents, fence sitters and children, you are not welcome to post here. We're not trying to be dicks about it, we just want to be left alone in this, a small, tiny, insignificant speck of the internet.
r/Drama »
103027 subscribers
r/india »
258034 subscribers
The Official Subreddit for India
r/exmormon »
139183 subscribers
A forum for ex-mormons and others who have been affected by mormonism to share news, commentary, and comedy about the Mormon church.
r/beyondthebump »
104735 subscribers
A place for new parents, new parents to be and old parents who want to help out. Posts focusing on the transition into living with your new little one and any issues that may come up. Ranting and gushing is welcome!
r/ShitPoliticsSays »
49269 subscribers
The Worst Political Commentary on Reddit - Boldly Chronicling the Decline of Humanity Since 2013
r/weddingplanning »
111467 subscribers
A helpful place for anyone getting married! Get ideas on etiquette, invitations, themes, styles, or anything wedding-related. We welcome posts that are directly related to your wedding planning.
r/BabyBumps »
134278 subscribers
A place for pregnant redditors, those who have been pregnant, those who wish to be in the future, and anyone who supports them.
r/stepparents »
25449 subscribers
This subreddit is a community-oriented place for stepparents from all walks of life. Commiserate with others in similar situations, celebrate your wins, and hang out with people who just get it. It doesn't matter whether you've got a fun story or are at the end of your rope; we are family.
r/Natalism »
923 subscribers
This is a Reddit for people interested in discussing Natalism. This reddit is designed to be generally pro-natalist. Other related subreddits: /r/demographics, /r/overpopulation, /r/childfree, /r/parenting, and /r/economics.
r/CFtreehouse »
A place for when our places close
r/datingoverthirty »
102847 subscribers
DatingOverThirty is a sub for discussion and advice on dating and relationships for people over the age of thirty. **This is not a place to post personals or "looking for" or hookups.**
r/Philippines »
251310 subscribers
A subreddit for the Philippines and all things Filipino!
r/actuallesbians »
199811 subscribers
A place for discussions for and by cis and trans lesbians, bisexual girls, chicks who like chicks, bi-curious folks, dykes, butches, femmes, girls who kiss girls, birls, bois, aces, LGBT allies, and anyone else interested! Our subreddit is named r/actuallesbians because r/lesbians is not really for...
r/OkCupid »
173806 subscribers
r/AskMen »
1405231 subscribers
r/AskMen: the premier place to ask random strangers for terrible dating advice, but preferably from the male perspective. And don't be an asshole. Also, go away.
r/marriagefree »
3575 subscribers
/r/marriagefree is for people of all genders who are unmarried by choice. Whether you are single, or you're unmarried to another person, you are welcome here!
r/circlejerk »
377934 subscribers
r/circlejerk is the place to ask and answer thought-provoking questions.
r/r4r »
271287 subscribers
r/infertility »
14881 subscribers
Welcome to /r/infertility, a fantastic community that exists for shitty reasons. We're here for women and men dealing with primary or secondary infertility, social infertility, pregnancy loss after infertility, and/or recurrent loss. This is the place to be when it feels like everyone is easily preg...
r/AskWomenOver30 »
45929 subscribers
A place for mature women redditors to discuss questions in a loosely moderated setting.
r/ABCDesis »
24233 subscribers
South Asian Americans- A place for members of the South Asian diaspora that includes people who descend from Bangladesh, India, Maldives, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, and Nepal. We also welcome Desis who live in Australia, Britain, Canada, and other countries outside of the South Asian subcontinent...
r/GenderCritical »
44056 subscribers
Welcome to Reddit's most active feminist community! This is a women-centered, radical feminist subreddit to discuss gender from a critical, feminist perspective.
r/wgtow »
WGTOW is a community of women supporting other women who wish to live independently from men and relationships with them. If you are a WGTOW or are a woman interested in the sub, please contact the moderators.
r/SubredditSimMeta »
98370 subscribers
r/worstof »
63750 subscribers
It's not all roses and sunshine here on reddit. Sometimes shitty things are said and sometimes shitty people say them. When you see the bad side of reddit, post it here.
r/melbourne »
155395 subscribers
A subreddit for Melburnians and Melbourne enthusiasts!
r/polyamory »
122521 subscribers
Polyamory is openly, honestly, and consensually loving and being committed to more than one person. This subreddit discusses news, views, and issues around polyamory, polyfidelity, poly people, and related issues.
r/IAmA »
19478194 subscribers
r/ShitRedditSays »
132720 subscribers
social justice league chats. The internet promotes unity, and this unity makes people comfortable with this type of joke. All you do is disrupt this unity and make people uncomfortable.
r/findareddit »
375497 subscribers
Having trouble finding the subreddit or community you need? Post what you're looking for here and someone can suggest a community for you!
r/Showerthoughts »
18613769 subscribers
A subreddit for sharing those miniature epiphanies you have that highlight the oddities within the familiar.
r/bakchodi »
33953 subscribers
Not to be confused with your mum, t_d, right wing, left wing, commie, conservative, rational, irrational or anything.
r/blackladies »
36132 subscribers
The face of Black women on Reddit!
r/TheBluePill »
62553 subscribers
/r/TheBluePill is a satire of /r/TheRedPill and the strategies discussed on that particular sub. That being said, consider most posts on this sub to have a trigger warning.
r/changemyview »
845036 subscribers
A place to post an opinion you accept may be flawed, in an effort to understand other perspectives on the issue. Enter with a mindset for conversation, not debate.
r/Nanny »
10045 subscribers
Support, stories, ideas, techniques, answers about the interview process, wage expectations, contracts, taxes - or any other happenings in the daily life of a nanny.
r/snarkwithkids »
r/prolife »
16892 subscribers
A place for Pro-Lifers of all religious, secular and political views to gather on Reddit.
r/AskParents »
23026 subscribers
Asking parents questions, one at a time.
r/shitpost »
105076 subscribers
A repository for all of Reddit's shittiest, low effort posts.
r/creepyPMs »
596473 subscribers
A place for people to share the strange and disturbing PMs they get from all over the internet.
r/MakeNewFriendsHere »
146420 subscribers
This subreddit is for those who are looking to make some new friends on Reddit.
r/Negareddit »
17475 subscribers
Negareddit - Reddit is shit.
r/AmItheAsshole »
1420912 subscribers
A catharsis for the frustrated moral philosopher in all of us, and a place to finally find out if you were wrong in an argument that's been bothering you. Tell us about any non-violent conflict you have experienced; give us both sides of the story, and find out if you're right, or you're the asshole...
r/OutOfTheLoop »
1530702 subscribers
A subreddit to help you keep up to date with what's going on with reddit and other stuff.
r/RedPillWomen »
39041 subscribers
Welcome to the *original* Red Pill Women subreddit!
r/JordanPeterson »
169391 subscribers
Welcome to the discourse! This forum is dedicated to the work associated with Dr. Jordan Peterson: a public intellectual, clinical psychologist, and professor of psychology at the University of Toronto.
r/trollingforababy »
6886 subscribers
This is a group for laughing at and mocking the awkward, ridiculous, and sometimes painful things we endure while trying for a baby. Trollingforababy is for people who are trying to conceive, and are not currently pregnant. Please look at our complete list of rules before participating.
r/LateStageCapitalism »
460827 subscribers
A One-Stop-Shop for Evidence of our Social, Moral and Ideological Rot.
r/women »
57721 subscribers
A safe, respectful space to discuss the lives and stories of women of all backgrounds, and the current events which affect us. Trans people and especially trans feminine people are expressly welcome here. People of all genders are welcome; feminist cred appreciated but not required. Shaming wome...
r/feminisms »
41355 subscribers
A safe(r) space for respectful, cooperative feminism-minded discussion, including its intersections. Content is actively curated by a pro-feminist moderation team.
r/Catholicism »
76132 subscribers
/r/Catholicism is a place to present new developments in the world of Catholicism, discuss theological teachings of the Catholic Church, provide an avenue for reasonable dialogue amongst people of all beliefs, and grow in our own spirituality. Catholic Christianity offers the world the fullness of ...
r/rant »
121952 subscribers
The redesign is bad, dont use it
r/confession »
1625048 subscribers
/r/Confession is a place to admit your wrongdoings, acknowledge your guilt, and alleviate your conscience.
r/raleigh »
45550 subscribers
Raleigh is the capital of the state of North Carolina as well as the seat of Wake County. Raleigh is known as the "City of Oaks" for its many oak trees, which line the streets in the heart of the city.
r/banned »
18708 subscribers
Censorship is a disease and we are the cure.
r/SingleParents »
12676 subscribers
r/exchristian »
54348 subscribers
A community for former Christians of all denominations.


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